Want to know more about our service? Here are the answers to the most common questions asked by our new and existing customers.

How can tradednetwork.co.uk help your business?

tradednetwork.co.uk assists your business by providing a multi-level modular approach to your marketing. Whether you are looking for an additional online presence to operate alongside your existing website and social media strategy, or for a comprehensive package to support a new venture, we have the power to deliver real results.

How much does it cost to join chariti.org.uk?

The £79 + VAT joining fee consists of two components. The first is a £49 one off set-up fee that covers all administration charges and the configuration of your profile page complete with company branding. Secondly there is an annual £30 charge to support any charity on the site.

Can a business support more than one charity?

Your business is free to support an unlimited number of charities on the site. Each time you register with a charity, we place a new link for your business on their profile page, increasing your online visibility.

How do I pay and renew my subscription?

All continued subscription payments are taken from your initial payment processor.

How do I cancel my renewal subscription?

If you wish to cancel your renewal subscription for any reason, simply cancel the payment instruction with your payment provider and we will remove your listing from the site at the end of your billing cycle. If you would like to tell us why you are cancelling, please call us on 01603 251 736.

My business has ceased and I want to remove my account from chariti.org.uk immediately. How do I do this?

To remove your account contact us via the website here, and we will arrange this for you.

How do I update my profile?

Simply login to your account using your email address and current password. You can then amend your profile and publish updates directly from this page.

I cannot login to my profile.

If you cannot login to your profile try the password reset function when logging in. If you still cannot resolve the issue then please contact us via the website here.

What types of updates can I post on chariti.org.uk and how will this help my business?

Your business can post news items about company developments, special offers and even jobs on chariti.org.uk. All of your updates are then displayed on your business profile page and linked directly to the charities you have chosen to support. In addition to this all your new content is linked and indexed by major search engines, helping you attract potential customers to your page.

Can chariti.org.uk assist me with updates?

In addition to our standard services, we can also provide you with a paid for content service. In order to increase your online visibility there are a number of packages available, tailored specifically towards keywords relevant to your business that are proven to rank highly on sites like Google and Bing. For more information about this please see our services page.

How can I help the Charity?

By registering your business with chariti.org.uk you are already supporting charities as we donate £15 from each annual subscription to all the charities you choose to support. However many of our clients like to contact their chosen charities and discuss additional avenues of mutual benefit – such as putting up posters in offices, leaflets in shops, and even sponsoring events.