Providing a range of bonded warehousing logistic services for businesses in the UK – Johnston Logistics UK.

Many businesses can benefit from bonded warehousing logistic services, whatever size of company you are. Bonded warehouses are used for providing secure storage for businesses importing alcohol which is for excise duty and VAT. The duty and VAT can be deferred until the products are removed from the warehouse.

We are experts in handling, storage and distribution of HM Revenue and Customs bonded wines, beers and spirits. We have the expertise that allows our customers to focus on their businesses while we deal with HMRC. We use high-tech IT systems that our warehouses use that meet strict conditions required for ‘under bond’ storage.

At Johnston Logistics UK, we are a third-party logistics provider based in Snetterton Norfolk, offering a full range of 3PL services including excise bonded warehousing. We are based on a 130 acre-site with many large warehouses that are HMRC approved. We also have been certified with AA BRC global standard for storage and distribution.

The bonded warehouse services we provide:

  • HMRC approved Excise Bonded warehousing for wines, beers and spirits.
  • Highly accurate and reliable Delta bond system, regularly audited by HMRC.
  • Systemised HMRC documentation.
  • Duty stamp labelling.
  • Contract packing under Bond.
  • Online ATWD processing.
  • Single bottle to case and full pallet picking.
  • Warehouse management and inventory control with full traceability.
  • UK and international pallet despatches.

“Johnston Logistics have stored goods under bond for us for the past five years. We see our business relationship very much as a partnership with their storage facility being treated as an extension of our own premises. Our contract bottling business has increased significantly and Johnston’s has been flexible, reliable and dependable in meeting the ever-increasing storage requirement.” - Ray Swain, Broadland Wineries Ltd

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with bonded warehousing logistic services, please call us on 01953 888381 or visit the Johnston Logistics UK website.

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