Do you have a problem with wasps at your property and looking for wasp control?

Wasps can be found in a wide variety of places from nesting underground, in cavities or trees, in bushes, sheds and garages as well as houses in places such as loft spaces. Wasp nests are usually present from April through to October and it can be easily said that you may be facing a problem with one.

Our qualified team can free you from your wasp nest problem in a variety of ways and will assess the situation and place of infestation before taking up the appropriate treatment in removing the wasp nest. We dust an insecticide powder around the entrance of the nest which contaminates the worker wasps as they return to their nest as well as spraying an insecticide directly onto the nest.

If you suffer from wasps every year or have a business and are wanting wasp control constantly, there is a product we highly recommend. WaspBane is a particularly effective wasp trap we sell on our online shop. It is designed to last for a whole wasp season without the need for rebaiting, cleaning or maintenance. In scientific testing WaspBane reduced risk by over 97.5% compared to other wasp traps.

Why choose the WaspBane?

  • The WaspBane trap has a self-sealing, self-contained disposable refill system, which protects the user from any wasps that have been caught.
  • The innovative wasp trap has a unique safety system to protect the user.
  • Unlike other traps, the WaspBane lasts all season long.
  • There is no need to clean, maintain or rebait these systems. This is what makes the system cleaner and safer to use than other traps on the market.
  • The WaspBane trap bait system kills effectively 100%. If you do not kill 100% of the wasps you catch, if they escape, they will be back shortly with reinforcements. Unlike other traps (especially home-made traps), WaspBane does not make your wasp problem worse!

For any advice on wasp control at your property call Abate on 01953 603390. You can also visit our website today for more information.

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