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If you're looking for life and business coaching services in Norfolk, whether it be for yourself or for your business, have a chat with me, Jo Rayner to see how I can help you with your needs.

With over 20 years' experience, a diploma in coaching and being a member of the Association of Coaching, I can help you in a wide spectrum of areas, all of which can be found below. Everyone is different and you have different needs for coaching than others, which is why I offer personalised coaching for your needs, to help you overcome any issues.

Your personalised coaching plan can be any of these services;

  • Life Coaching – Life coaching consists of all matters related to your personal everyday life. This can include moving house, relationship coaching, personal confidence and much more. My coaching will help yourself find the real you, which you may feel you have lost.
  • Health Coaching – Having health concerns and issues can affect the way you feel about yourself, my health coaching can cover areas such as weight loss, coming to terms with an illness you may have. We can also look at stress, ways to regain your fitness and even healthy eating.
  • Career Coaching – Career development and progression is important to all of us. I can help regardless of your career stage. If you are new to a role, or looking for development to become a better manager or even if you are looking for a job. I will help you develop confidence and communication skills, help you with the interview essentials such as your CV and your preparation for the interview itself. For managers I can also help you develop your time management and motivational skills for your team.
  • Financial Coaching – With over 25 years of financial experience in budgeting and money management I can help you manage your money, coach you about budget management and how to deal with the pressure your finances may be giving you.
  • Business Coaching – If you are looking at using my coaching services for the benefit of your business, please be assured I have experience in the field. My areas of expertise include people development, telesales coaching, performance management, time management organisation but to name a few.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you, please call me on 07754 397859 for a chat, to talk about how we can work together to create change together.

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